As we prepare to launch the KittyHawk on Kickstarter, this is where our supporters can stay informed. We will post constant updates on parts arrivals, molding progress continuous testing and stages of assembly. As the delivery time grows near we will post shipping details and dates as well.


  1. Intersted in a system that I can integrate a spectrometer into and water takeoff/landing capability. 5 lbs payload (after GPS navigation) would likely be the maximum necessary payload. Easy swap-out of battery is also required.

  2. Needing a drone that can carry 30-40 lbs
    For a construction site, with a remote release mechanism, and one camera on the bottom. What kind of price would I b looking at?

  3. What is the shipping cost of this product?. Please give me some information about the shipping cost at my email ID AnsuMan.Singh@student.uts.edu.au

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