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For immediate release                                                                                                                     July 2015

Mobile Recon Systems announces the launch of its KittyHawk quad-copter drone on Kickstarter.

The KittyHawk boasts a feature rich platform that starts with two multi axis gimbals that can accommodate not one but two GoPro Hero, 2, 3, and 4 or any of the popular HD sport video cameras on the market. The KittyHawk simultaneously captures images from below, front, overhead, right and left of the flying platform ensuring you catch every view. The KittyHawk comes standard with a fixed HD FPV camera mounted on the front that can be swapped with a GoPro Hero, 2, 3, and 4 or any popular HD sport video camera. Thermal or FLIR video cameras can be mounted on any of the camera locations.
The KittyHawk is fully constructed of lightweight yet very strong 3K carbon fiber including the body, which encompasses its fifteen inch carbon fiber propellers. The large LiPo battery is enclosed in a double walled carbon fiber housing for safety, durability and simple battery access. The KittyHawk is easy to spot at a distance with its eleven red and blue LED marker lights and a brilliant 24 LED servo driven spotlight. Some additional standard features of the KittyHawk are Pixhawk PX4 Flight Controller, GPS, OSD, weigh points, 915MHz or 433MHz region specific telemetry, switchable 3 way video circuit and an 8CH 500mw Wireless Audio Video Transmitter with cooling fan. The KittyHawk can be flown by a single operator or dual operators, one pilot with a Taranis 16 channel radio and one videographer with a FS-TH9X 9 channel radio.


The KittyHawk is offered in three variants, referred to as the KittyHawk Classic, KittyHawk Luxury and KittyHawk Supreme. The KittyHawk Supreme is outfitted with our DSLR package; 6S 20,000mAh battery, increased pitch propellers, DSLR three axis gimbal on the belly, sport video camera (GoPro gimbal) on the carbon fiber canopy and FPV HD video camera on the front. The KittyHawk Luxury mimics the KittyHawk Supreme platform but is set up for a second GoPro or compatible sports video camera on the multi axis belly gimbal. Our KittyHawk heavy lift triple camera quadcopter delivers faster and longer flight times with more lift capacity than typical hexacopters and most octocopters.
The sky is no longer the limit!
For more information on the KittyHawk quad-copter or Mobile Recon Systems.
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