KITTYHAWK HDX4 Changes are in the air!

Soon we will be announcing some exciting new features that we have loaded onboard the KittyHawk. We will also be introducing our Hexacopter referred to as the Reliant and our Octocopter referred to as the KittyHawk X8 Supreme.


  1. I need to know what is the endurance with a 1kg payload ?

    • Hi David,

      The endurance / performance of the KittyHawk is dependent on type of load and configuration. However as a standard if the KittyHawk is carrying an additional 2.2lbs or 1Kg with a 20K 6S battery. Supporting an all up weight of 11.2lbs or 5.8Kg the flight times should be;

      Hover:28.4 minutes
      Mixed Flight time:23.3 minutes
      Straight flight time:12.2 minutes
      Speed:30.4 mph

      With the current 9lb or 4.82Kg all up weight including two GoPro 4 Blacks and a Boscam FPV with a 20K 6S battery the times are as follows;

      Hover:39.5 minutes
      Mixed Flight time:29.7 minutes
      Straight flight time:12.2 minutes
      Speed:33.5 mph

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.
      Best regards,

      Mike Dowell
      Owner; Mobile Recon Systems LLC

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