Multi-Function UAVs

Many applications on the same unit…. at the same time.
LiDAR, HD cameras, electro-optics, thermal imaging, sensors, infrared, radiation detectors, radar, ground penetrating radar, and weather stations

Versatile UAVs

Fly in all types of weather, for all types of uses:
Inspection and aerial analysis
Border and perimeter surveillance
Emergency and first response

Heavy Lift UAVs

Poised to set world records for what vertical take-off UAVs can lift
Transport supplies and equipment

Fly Safe!

Innovative, high quality construction
Designed for safety
  • Dauntless Quadcopter Lifts 125 Pounds!

  • Most drones can only do one thing at a time, and that is usually basic videography. They can’t lift enough weight to do more.

    Mobile Recon Systems produces Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that do much more. Our Dauntless can lift a payload of over 100 pounds. That’s more than what it weighs!

    Our solutions enable high value services currently out of reach for UAVs:

    1. Supplies transport
    2. Inspection / Aerial analysis
    3. Border and perimeter surveillance
    4. Emergency first responders
    5. Search and rescue
    6. Mapping / Topographical surveying
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    The Mobile Recon Approach

    Our UAVs can do so much because of their industry leading integration of lift capacity, functional flexibility, flight time and cost.

    Want videography? Why settle for basic? Our units can carry sports cameras, multi-spectral cameras, thermal and infrared, and high level pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. And that’s just in the nose. In addition, our multi-functional platforms simultaneously support LiDAR, large format cameras, 2-point weather stations and various sensors, including radiation detection. With this equipment, the units can still carry supplies.

    You no longer must rely on helicopters, fixed wing UAVs, Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) blimps, or even giant, expensive single function heavy lift UAVs. Mobile Recon Systems has a UAV to do what you need done.

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